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Family Medicine From infancy to old age, pediatrics has been the only specialty licensed to address a wide variety of illnesses and provide decent healthcare to patients. Healthy aging, end-of-life management and treatment, fall reduction, electronic personal health technologies, and interdisciplinary training are all priorities for pediatrics, geriatrics, and their staff to improve the treatment of patients. 


Timothy McPherson, Abdullah Arshad, Faaiza Arshad, Laurell Gamblin, Connie Gurley, Jeremy Hughes, Candace Kirkpatrick, Laura Langdon, Stephanie Pittman, and their teams are made up of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics specialists who are highly skilled and experienced in caring for patients of all ages and health conditions, maintaining a long-term and respectful relationship, recognizing community-level factors and socioeconomic factors, serving as a client’s first point of contact for medical problems, guiding patients through the health-care system, including professional and hospital services cooperation and follow-up, coordinating services and improving care with information and analytics, and evaluating the implications for health for a patient and his/her family members. 

Family Medicine Pediatrics

All the Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics doctors and their teams are experts at managing their patients' complicated health requirements and can help them manage chronic medical conditions like hyperglycemia, COPD, and hypertension using a well-being approach.

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